Chapter 4. IPv6-ready system check

Table of Contents
4.1. IPv6-ready kernel
4.1.1. Check for IPv6 support in the current running kernel
4.1.2. Try to load IPv6 module
4.1.3. Compile kernel with IPv6 capabilities
4.1.4. IPv6-ready network devices
4.2. IPv6-ready network configuration tools
4.2.1. net-tools package
4.2.2. iproute package
4.3. IPv6-ready test/debug programs
4.3.1. IPv6 ping
4.3.2. IPv6 traceroute6
4.3.3. IPv6 tracepath6
4.3.4. IPv6 tcpdump
4.4. IPv6-ready programs
4.5. IPv6-ready client programs (selection)
4.5.1. Checking DNS for resolving IPv6 addresses
4.5.2. IPv6-ready telnet clients
4.5.3. IPv6-ready ssh clients
4.5.4. IPv6-ready web browsers
4.6. IPv6-ready server programs
4.7. FAQ (IPv6-ready system check)

Before you can start using IPv6 on a Linux host, you have to test, whether your system is IPv6-ready. You may have to do some work to enable it first.

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