(Incomplete) List of Tunnel Brokers

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This is an incomplete list of tunnel brokers you can find on the net. If you wish to add your tunnel broker to this list, or if you find errors in this page, please send an email to the author.

Table of Contents

1. Italian tunnel brokers
2. Tunnel brokers worldwide
3. Credits

1. Italian tunnel brokers

Tunnel Broker name Notes

NGNet IPv6 Tunnel Broker

Only for Telecom Italia customers.

The Coredumps.org IPv6 Tunnel Broker

Not for Telecom Italia customers.

2. Tunnel brokers worldwide

Tunnel Broker name Notes


SixXS is the biggest Tunnel Broker in Europe.


Freenet6 assigns a single IPv6 address and a DNS name to each user. A full /48 prefix may also be assigned on request.

AS8758 IPv6 Tunnel Broker

IRC is blocked.

MANIS IPv6 Tunnel Broker

IPv6 Dynamic Tunneling Home Page

BTexacT IPv6 Tunnel Broker Service

The XS26 Project

Distributed tunnel broker with many POPs in Europe and one in New York, offering /48 zones delegation and automatical whois records generation. It also provides open 6to4 gateway.

SingNet IPv6 Tunnel Broker

Singapore-based Tunnel Broker that works also if your PC is behind a NAT. It supports IPSEC encryption for the tunnel.

Hurricane Electric's IPv6 Tunnel Broker

California-based Tunnel Broker providing /64 and (on request) /48 subnets. They also provide BGP (read only) access. IRC is blocked.

3. Credits

Many thanks to the following people for reporting new information:

  • Xavier Brouckaert

  • David Lee Haw Ling

  • Jeroen Massar

  • Michael H. Warfield

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