Chapter 1. General

Table of Contents
1.1. Copyright, license and others
1.1.1. Copyright
1.1.2. License
1.1.3. About the author
1.2. Category
1.3. Version, History and To-Do
1.3.1. Version
1.3.2. History
1.3.3. To-Do
1.4. Translations
1.5. Technical
1.5.1. Original source of this HOWTO
1.5.2. On-line references to the HTML version of this HOWTO (linking/anchors)
1.6. Preface
1.7. Used terms, glossary and shortcuts
1.7.1. Network related
1.7.2. Document related
1.8. Requirements for using this HOWTO
1.8.1. Personal prerequisites
1.8.2. Linux operating system compatible hardware

Information about available translations you will find in section Translations.

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