1.6. Preface

Some things first:

1.6.1. How many versions of a Linux & IPv6 related HOWTO are floating around?

Including this, there are three (3) HOWTO documents available. Apologies, if that is too many ;-) Linux IPv6 FAQ/HOWTO (outdated)

The first IPv6 related document was written by Eric Osborne and called Linux IPv6 FAQ/HOWTO (please use it only for historical issues). Latest version was 3.2.1 released July, 14 1997.

Please help: if someone knows the date of birth of this HOWTO, please send me an e-mail (information will be needed in ”history”). IPv6 & Linux - HowTo (maintained)

There exists a second version called IPv6 & Linux - HowTo written by me (Peter Bieringer) in pure HTML. It was born April 1997 and the first English version was published in June 1997. I will continue to maintain it, but it will slowly fade (but not full) in favour of the Linux IPv6 HOWTO you are currently reading. Linux IPv6 HOWTO (this document)

Because the IPv6 & Linux - HowTo is written in pure HTML it's not really compatible with the The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP). I (Peter Bieringer) got a request in late November 2001 to rewrite the IPv6 & Linux - HowTo in SGML. However, because of the discontinuation of that HOWTO (Future of IPv6 & Linux - HowTo), and as IPv6 is becoming more and more standard, I decided to write a new document covering basic and advanced issues which will remain important over the next few years. More dynamic and some advanced content will be still found further on in the second HOWTO (IPv6 & Linux - HowTo).

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