Chapter 11. Kernel settings in /proc-filesystem

Table of Contents
11.1. How to access the /proc-filesystem
11.1.1. Using ”cat” and ”echo”
11.1.2. Using ”sysctl”
11.1.3. Values found in /proc-filesystems
11.2. Entries in /proc/sys/net/ipv6/
11.2.1. conf/default/*
11.2.2. conf/all/*
11.2.3. conf/interface/*
11.2.4. neigh/default/*
11.2.5. neigh/interface/*
11.2.6. route/*
11.3. IPv6-related entries in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/
11.3.1. ip_*
11.3.2. tcp_*
11.3.3. icmp_*
11.3.4. others
11.4. IPv6-related entries in /proc/net/
11.4.1. if_inet6
11.4.2. ipv6_route
11.4.3. sockstat6
11.4.4. tcp6
11.4.5. udp6
11.4.6. igmp6
11.4.7. raw6
11.4.8. ip6_flowlabel
11.4.9. rt6_stats
11.4.10. snmp6
11.4.11. ip6_tables_names

Note: the source of this section is mostly the file ”ip-sysctl.txt” which is included in current kernel sources in directory ”Documentation/networking”. Credits to Pekka Savola for maintaining the IPv6-related part in this file. Also some text is more or less copied & pasted into this document.

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