Here is a brief list of papers and articles which cover some aspects of the IPv6 protocol. We hope you will find it useful.

The Linux+IPv6-HOWTO

Here (alternatively also on you can find Peter Bieringer's excellent Linux+IPv6-HOWTO, in different languages as intermediate versions:

The IPv6 Status Pages

The IPv6 Status Pages are a survey of the current status of IPv6 support for the Linux networking stack, system libraries and networking applications. At the moment there is only one page concerning the IPv6 support of Linux networking applications, but we are planning to publish more pages soon and to extend our target to other important UNIX-derived OSes (e.g. *BSD) too.

Documents in English language

Documenti in Italiano

Presentations in English

Mauro Tortonesi's presentations:

Peter Bieringer's presentations:

Presentazioni in Italiano

Presentazioni di Mauro Tortonesi:

Presentazioni di Simone Piunno:

Tutte le presentazioni sono in formato OpenOffice Impress. Potete scaricare gratuitamente il programma OpenOffice dal sito

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